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The world's only university dedicated entirely to dating, providing certification

Master attraction & seduction conceptually and in field

Learn from the experts & get good with girls

Dating University is the leader in dating education

Thousands have already learned from DU and now own their lovelives


Investing in Dating Knowledge

Building your personal and professional life into a success is truly the goal of dating education

We enrich lives through dating learning.

Maximizing potential through individual attention.

The trusted name for specialized dating training.

People teach dating. People learn dating. This is where they connect.


“The book and course changed my life. I have been perpetually dating alpha females for the majority of my life and it has drained me psychologically and emotionally. I had no idea that there was a better way, the beta female”

John C.


“I had been trying to be nice to girls and it didn't work. I found myself in the friend zone until I picked up the book, Same Night Lay: Pull the Girl & Stay Out of the Friend Zone”

Jonathan G.

Software Engineer

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